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Energy Balance • Blockage Release • Pain Relief

Powerful Eastern Therapy

Acupuncture is a preventive wellness treatment as well as a complementary therapy for pain, illness or injury. Kure Wellness Retreat's licensed Acupuncturist can release blockages and bring your vital energy into balance through the appropriate placement of fine needles along various key points in your body. Kure provides an optimal setting to experience the benefits of this powerful therapy.

Stand-alone & Therapy Complimenting
• KURE Acupuncture •

Tension Releasing

Acupuncture Treatments

Enjoy the relaxing and restorative benefits of this ancient healing art. Our licensed acupuncturist consults with you regarding your specific needs and designs your treatment accordingly. Reduce pain, balance energy flow and restore proper muscle, nerve, and organ function.


Facial Acupuncture

Experience the anti-aging and restorative benefits that this ancient healing practice has on your skin. Discover how acupuncture improves muscle tone and circulation for superlative facial rejuvenation without lasers or other cosmetic treatments. Performed by our licensed acupuncturist. Also available as a series.

60 Minute Sessions • 89  |  90 Minute Sessions • 124